Aspects of Wisdom

Every group of people meeting with the intention of being together in deep inquiry & listening in service of the well-being of its members, humanity or planet earth is potentially a circle of wisdom and healing.

Wisdom is more than knowledge. It implies a deep understanding of time, place, person, and circumstances. It balances short term benefits with future effects.

It is most often rooted in silence, contemplation, compassion and connection with something higher in ourselves and others. It implies being mindful and having an open mind, an open heart and the ability to let go of one’s own interests and desires.

For it to emerge individually and in groups we need to be able to inquire deeply and listen deeply to what wants to be spoken and what is spoken by others. It asks of us to be mindful and become comfortable in the not-knowing, living with the questions and – as Rilke puts it – perhaps some day living into the answers. It means being able to connect with something beyond the words that are spoken, connect with a space between self and other, as well as with a larger field that holds us and that we can feel part of. Wisdom can show up and be expressed in different ways: words, images, associations, stories, feelings, music, gestures, impulses, nature, random encounters, etc. Eventually this can lead to the realization of the actions that need to be taken.

Communities of practice, organizations, associations, wisdom traditions, and networks gather all over the world. A shared purpose becomes visible. An overarching field is constituted and nourished by the efforts of people discovering new ways of accessing wisdom in a collective way for the sake of everything and everyone.