What are Circles of Wisdom?

Every group of people meeting with the intention of being together in deep inquiry & listening in service of the well-being of its members, humanity or planet earth is potentially a circle of wisdom and healing.

Many wonderful people all over the world meet in groups to cultivate silence, mindfulness, deep inquiry & listening, as well as new forms of relating. Their development, insights and actions contribute to positive change in the world.

Many of those pioneering a new way of relating and accessing so-called collective intelligence are excited about the new capacities that are being developed and the forms of generative knowing & co-creation that become possible. This blog wants to support making visible those who are experienced in, experimenting with or interested in gathering in such ways that the emergence of

  • new forms of human relating
  • collective awakening
  • collective intelligence/wisdom
  • collective action and/or co-creation

is supported.

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