About me


As you might be curious to know more about the person behind this blog, let me briefly introduce myself.

I have sat in many different circles and I am in awe for what is possible in groups. Along the way I have also been challenged to face the shadow sides and pitfalls.

I see more and more people all over the world cultivating deep inquiry & listening. New capacities are being developed. They open new perspectives on how we initiate action that comes from a deeper and wiser place and that addresses the world’s complex problems in a holistic way. This can lead to a form of sacred activism.

A year ago I started a facebook group called “circlesofwisdom”. One year later more than 600 people from all continents have become a member. I started the group, because I feel it is time to learn from all the different approaches. I hope that making existing “circles of wisdom” even more visible through this blog will increase the impact of their efforts to create positive local & global change and will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Connecting and strengthening these circles will hopefully in the long run help us all to be more awake and aligned with what we really want for ourselves, humanity and this world, thus helping us to be more focussed and act in a coherent way for the well-being of all and everyone.

Griet Hellinckx
February 2016.