Holding Space for Collective Healing

Highly recommended: An Interview on Collective Healing with Kosha Anja Joubert and Stephen Busby by Robin Alfred – This is an expanded version of an interview first published in Communities Magazine, Summer 2016

A small excerpt from the interview:
ROBIN: Can we say more about the quality of this holding space?
KOSHA: It has to do with qualities of wisdom and maturity, the ability to include expressions that are not normally acceptable and to slow things down when necessary, so that awareness can grow in the whole group.(..)
STEPHEN: What you are calling wisdom seems to me to be an ability to show up in an appropriate way so that we stay available and alert to what is going on behind what is being spoken and externalized. We are listening to the deeper movements within the collective that is gathered. And in a second step, we train the abiltity to bring and express this in appropriate ways so that it can be heard and received by the collective.”